The Search for Henry Jekyll
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New Updates and the side story

Hello all, It's probably a bit awkward to see the "On Hold" post still on the home page, especially considering that is no longer the problem. Anyway, for those who didn't know about it prior, I intend to do all new chapters in parts instead of bringing it all out at once. Despite the fact that it might make the flow of the story seem weird, I'll make sure each part is cut at a not to awkward place. I actually really like this format better since updating once a month can be difficult for readers to remember what occurred last time (trust me, I know that from experience).

Oh, and of course there's the matter of the side story going on (Overtime). I mentioned this briefly on tumblr, but this side story is here to help explain more about Oswald and Al's relationship, since that is going to be important in upcoming chapter in the main story. Sure, I suppose it would have just been easier to explain it in the main story, but I feel like it would have broken the flow of the other events going on in the story.

Either way, thanks again for all the support, and I'll see you all in the next update!


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